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Welcome to Cree's Corner!
The Ultimate Child Care Experience!

Cree's Corner is a Department of Children and Family (DCF) registered and approved Daycare located in Naples Park. We provide care for children ages 1 month (4 weeks) to 4 years old (non-VPK). Founded by a parent who truly cares about the needs of the parent and child, Cree’s Corner is proud to be a pioneer of exceptional and flexible childcare in Naples, Florida. We are the only daycare in Naples to offer 12 FREE Drop-In hours with Full-Time enrollment to be used at the parent's convenience.  
Cree's Corner was established with the needs and wants of parents at the forefront. We know that the life of a parent can be a hectic balancing act at times. With our extended hours, and our awesome perks, we are the busy parent’s solution to finding high-quality child care. We are open Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:30pm and every First Saturday of the month 4:30pm - 11:30pm (except for if it falls on an observed holiday) for free Drop-In hours to be used. Unlike most daycares, we are open on all holidays except for New Years Day, Easter Monday, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break. When Collier County Public School (CCPS) and most other daycares in Naples are closed, we are open!

Our extensively trained and professional teachers provide the best, safest, and most stimulating learning environment possible for children so that parents may have complete peace of mind when they leave their children in our care. Equipped with security cameras and an abundance of activities that stimulate and promote child development, learning, and fun,  Cree's Corner, is the place that will provide you with the Ultimate Childcare Experience. 

We provide the following for all children in our care:

- Bottles (Your choice of Brand specific for your child)
- Three (3) Nutritious Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
- Two (2) Nutritious Snacks (Afternoon and Evening)
- Diapers (Disposable and/or Cloth) and/or Pull-Ups (Member's
Mark Sam's Club Brand)

- Baby Wipes - Fragrance Free (Member's Mark Sam's Club Brand) 
- Diaper Rash Ointment

- 6 Pairs of Underwear (If your child is potty training)
- Blanket and pillow for nap/sleep time
- Washcloths (For evening and overnight childcare nightly routine)
- Disposable Toothbrush (For ages 2-4)
- Toothpaste (Hello Oral Care Brand - For ages 2-4)
- Sippy Cup/Toddler Cup
- Laundry service for nap/sleep time blankets, extra clothing, and cloth diapers

You provide the following:

- Formula and/or Breastmilk
- Two pairs of extra clothes (Required)
- Stuffed animal or "lovey" for nap/sleep time (Optional)

* You have the option to bring your child's bottles, meals, snacks, diapers, ointment, baby wipes, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. if you chose to do so. 

Our Child Care Services

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Our flexible Full-Time child care service is ideal for the working parent. Full-time care is up to 55 hours (11 hours a day). This allows you to choose the days and times you need care. Need hours outside of the typical 8 to 5? No problem! We are open 12.5 hours a day. 
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'Click the pictures to learn more'
Don't need a full-time hours? We've got you covered! Our flexible Part-Time Child Care service is perfect for you. Part-time care is up 30 hours a week. You choose the days and times you need child care.
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Whether it's for a couple of hours so you can run an errand, or a few hours for a much needed date night, our Drop-In Child Care service allows you do it all! Is your regular day care closed for the day? Are you in town on vacation and need child care you can trust? We would be happy to provide superb child care for the hours you need!
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If you need Drop-In Care, call us! 


(239) 302-5198


Brittney LaCree McWilliams

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