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1 Year Old Program

Toddlers begin to display a spurt in growth and curiosity.  The class is uniquely designed to promote this spirit of inquiry.   Mobile toddlers are shifting from feeling secure to exploring their environment and eventually to developing an identity.  We understand the natural developmental of children and develop our curriculum according to their needs.  

Our 1 Year Old Program is specifically tailored to the needs of your busy toddler. We lovingly nurture your child through important early milestones, from “self-help” learning skills such as hand washing and putting away their toys, to socializing and forming first friendships. We continue to teach Spanish vocabulary words and continue to teach and use Baby Sign Language® as a form of communication through actions while our toddlers further develop their verbal language skills. And, as in all our programs, we make learning fun! 

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The Ultimate Child Care Experience!

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Brittney LaCree McWilliams

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