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Infants Program
1 Month - 11 Months

In our calm and secure environment, our teachers will spend ample amounts of time rocking, cuddling, talking, singing, and engaging with your little one. Through thoughtful efforts, they will turn ordinary caregiving routines into teachable moments, based on individual needs and developmental level, following a curriculum designed for even our youngest learners. Our infants discover themselves and their surroundings as they play, crawl, pull-up, and have "tummy time". We teach and use Baby Sign Language® as a form of communication through actions and incorporate basic Spanish vocabulary into daily interactions from the moment each infant enters our care.


Babies experience rapid physical growth and brain development during the first two years of life, and they use their senses and motor skills to help them comprehend the world around them. Cognitive development is fostered by the environment, nourishment, care, and stimulation to which a baby is exposed.  


We are committed to providing positive environments which stimulate brain development, so infants have plenty of opportunities to develop their motor skills and explore with all their senses. 

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The Ultimate Child Care Experience!

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Brittney LaCree McWilliams

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